Williamsi Blue Lips "Pseudotropheus sp. Williamsi North"

Williamsi Blue Lips "Pseudotropheus sp. Williamsi North"

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Common Name: Williamsi Blue Lips

 Appearance:                                                                                                                            This species has a mouth similar to that of Melanachromis, especially due to their somewhat pointed mouths. Males for this species are a golden orange/yellow color. Their lips are blue, giving them the nickname williamsi "blue lips". This blue color can also show on some of the fins, specifically the tail and at the end of the dorsal. Breeding males can achieve a bright orange color to attract the opposite sex. Females are brownish yellow/orange (juveniles are also yellow) but much lighter when compared to males. Females and juveniles have black marks along the body, in two separate rows. One row in the middle of the body and the other nearer to the dorsal fin. These marks can extend all the way to the tail.

One of the undescribed williamsi species, another being sp. williamsi nkudzi.

Distribution: Makonde to Nkhata Bay, north of Lake Malawi.

Diet: Omnivorous, mostly feeding on insects and insect larvae.