Upcoming Orders

Freshwater Fish

May 20th

New order of bettas just arrived 

Possibly the only order of koi we will see this year including some butterfly

Some different kinds of Goldfish 

Saltwater Fish

May 28th 

4 Yellow Tangs

3 Different types of captive raised blennies

Lots of clowns

Atlantic Porkfish  

Trochus Snails 

Saltwater Molly. That's right, the freshwater fish you all know and love now comes in SALTWATER 


May 27th 

New Ecotech XR15 Blue Lights have arrived, are you ready for some coral pics???  

Dry Goods

125 Gallon tank with glass canopy just arrived 

New Lumi Lites arriving Friday 

More Pre Mixed water on route

Beautiful new Reefer tank going to its new home 

Reefer Skimmers back in stock