Upcoming Orders

Freshwater Fish

Looks like we finally have our fav list back in rotation. Hoping for some nice discus as well as a full line of bettas coming in the next 2 week. Should also have some nice rams as well as other goodies :)

Saltwater Fish

New Saltwater order has arrived and ready for your viewing. Lots of nice goodies on here including 

Puffers, Helfrichi Firefish, Purple Firefish and banggai cardinals just to name a few


Coral order is finally ready and looks like we have a weekend arrive set, should be over 100 pieces on this order with lots and lots to choose from :) WYSIWYG Pics will be coming very soon 

Dry Goods

LRS Food now back in stock 

New PE Mysis now in stock 

Lots of new decorations as well as new tank kits