Seapora SmartTemp Heaters

The Seapora SmartTemp - Dual Digital Heater is a top of the line fully submersible digital heater designed for use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums up to 90 gallons. The powerful, 300 watt heater features a sturdy, rugged plastic housing that shields the unit's important electronics from impact, shock or contact with the heating tube as well as a heavy-duty power cord that has been fully sealed to eliminate the chance of moisture damage and allowing for full submersion. The high quality quartz heating tube was designed with a unique "U-type" shape that offers optimal heat dispersion, performance and control while being resistant to both thermal shock and shattering. The heater boasts a dedicated electronic processing unit that continuously monitors various sensors and circuits in the heater to ensure precise temperature control and maximum safety for your aquatic inhabitants. For added security, highly specialized sensors and the integrated protection circuits will automatically disable heating if it detects an excessive rise in water temperature, a system fault or if the unit is removed from the water. With the user experience in mind, the Seapora SmartTemp - Dual Digital Heater has a single button control conveniently located on the power cord that will cycle through available temperature settings ranging from 68-95°F. Additionally, to simplify the operation of the heater, there are separate digital readouts for both the thermostat and the integrated thermometer, with status indicators located above the display that allow instant monitoring of all system activity. The intelligent unit offers unmatched temperature control and accuracy within +/- 1°F and an internal memory chip that will retain the desired temperature information in the event of power loss. The unit can be affixed to the aquarium glass via traditional rear suction mounts or the all new front mounts that allow for an unobstructed view of the digital readouts for exceptional versatility. The patented wireless IR control allows users to adjust the temperature via the included remote.

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