Two Little Fishies Julian's Multi Use Tool

Two Little Fishies Julian's Multi Use Tool

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Two Little Fishies Julian's Multi Use Tool is great to Target-feed corals, filter-feeders, and timid fish with greater ease and comfort. Two Little Fishies Julian's Thing is a clever, high-quality syringe designed to dispense liquid invertebrate feeds, treatments, apply glue and so much more!



Julian's Thing is perfect for feeding corals, anemones, zooanthids and for feeding seahorses and other timid or slow-moving fishes. Use Julian's Thing to apply solutions onto Aiptaisia and manjano anemones. Julian's Thing is also a great tool for siphoning out small things or blowing jets to clean substrate or live rock crevices.



Dispense coral adhesives to spot-weld corals in place. Cut tip to dispense larger foods. Replace tip after dispensing adhesives.



Features a syringe with finger and thumb holes for comfortable operation while keeping your other hand free for precise placement of the tip. Simple piston action of the syringe lets you control the intake and discharge of fluids. Fully assembled unit with included extension measures 54" long.