Sicce Ultra Zero

Sicce Ultra Zero

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The ULTRAZERO is designed for pumping cloudy water without large debris content. It is a multi-purpose pump for solving all kinds of minor do-it-yourself problems in which water has to be eliminated or moved. It is intended mainly for domestic use and it is great for water changes or pumping water in and out of aquariums, water tanks, rainwater storage tanks, saltwater mixing containers, swimming pools, draining swimming pool covers, draining basements and more. The ULTRA ZERO is a pump with great performances for hydroponic applications: it sucks water at a minimum depth of 2mm and can pump soft solids with dimensions up to 1mm, an important feature for hydroponic systems because of the fertilizers and other substances in the tanks. The ceramic rotor is also an important feature when pumping aggressive liquids

Key Features:

  • Fully submersible
  • Drain water down to 2mm
  • 3/4" discharge fits standard garden hoses
  • Thermoplastic housing will not rust or corrode
  • Easy removable base for cleaning. No tools required
  • Ceramic shaft


Q-Max: 3000 l/h /793 US gph

H-Max: 3.1m/10.2 ft

Voltage: / Hertz 230-240v / 50hz

Watt: 80

Cord Length: 10m/20ft