Reef Brite Live Rock Enhance 2oz

Reef Brite Live Rock Enhance 2oz

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Live Rock Enhance™ is ideal for Reef aquariums, Fish only aquariums, with or without live rock.

Live Rock Enhance™ cures new live rock faster and more completely via microbial and enzymatic action.

Live Rock Enhance™ conditions/seeds Base Rock establishing a healthy biofilm via microbial action which helps discourage unwanted microorganism’s from attaching to the rock.

Live Rock Enhance™ unclogs the pores of new or established live rock and substrates and aids in keeping the surfaces clean.

Live Rock Enhance™ contains microbial spores and their attendant enzymes. The ingredients in Live Rock Enhance™ eat and dissolve detritus, dead algae, slime and decomposing life attached to, and within, rocks, sand, in the aquarium and/or in live rock curing containers.

Live Rock Enhance™ will help unclog biofilters, refugiums, and places decomposing detritus accumulates. Allows colonization of desirable organisms faster and prevents impacted detritus from interfering with colonization.

Note: Live Rock Enhance™ is a live culture so it is recommended to turn off UV sterilizers while dosing. Failure to do so may significantly reduce the effectiveness of the product.

Storage: Live Rock Enhance™ is a live culture so we recommend when not in use to store in a cool dry place. For best results keep refrigerated.

Directions: Add one scoop per 25 gallons in area of high circulation every other day for the first week. For smaller tanks (10-15 gallons use half scoop). For larger systems use one teaspoon per 100 gallons. For optimal results add to a few ounces of aquarium water in a separate container and let sit for 20-30 minutes making sure to stir about every ten minutes to ensure best hatch rate and pour into aquarium. Repeat dose every week until the desired results are achieved. Maintain adequate aeration and water circulation.

Refugium’s: Compute the volume of the refugium and the aquarium it is supporting. Proportionally add the required amount of Live Rock Enhance™ to both the main aquarium and the refugium separately.

Curing Live Rock: Dose daily until ammonia level is zero, and the water is clear. Curing is further enhanced by aeration, use of a Protein Skimmer, and changing water when it clouds. In early stages of curing, cloudy water is normal. Replace dose whenever water is changed. Oxygen becomes more soluble as water temperature and salinity decreases; therefore, curing is faster and easier at lower temperatures and salinities. We suggest while curing to try to keep water at about 72° – 73° f and 1.020 – 1.021 specific gravity.

Seeding Live Rock and base rock: Follow initial dosing recommendations.

Ingredients: Cultures of proprietary microbes, including Bacillus subtillis, Bacillus licheniformis, and attendant enzymes. Botanical extracts to aid adhesion. Approximately 7 billion cfu/g.

Treats approximately 2000 gallons