Ruby Red Dragonette "Synchiropus moyeri"


Ruby Red Dragonette "Synchiropus moyeri"

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From Reefbuilders Article,,April 19-2013...

A stunning ruby red dragonet of the genus Synchiropus has made a big splash in aquariums around the world. Starting in South Africa, then on to Singapore, Japan and Los Angeles, the brilliant red dragonet has been spotted in shipments of red scooter blennies from a unique collection location in the Philippines. .


Several possible scientific names have been proposed as being the true ID of the new-to-the-trade Ruby Red Dragonet but none are completely agreed-upon by the scientific community yet. It is thought to be a regional variation or a deepwater variation of one of these species but seems to share traits of several. They have only recently entered the aquarium trade and are still fairly rare finds."Synchiropus sycorax"could be the new name