Neat Aquatics Limpet Wide Flow Pump Guard

Neat Aquatics Limpet Wide Flow Pump Guard

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Upgrade your EcoTech Marine VorTech MP40WQD pump cover. The wide flow upgrade cover will direct flow at an outward angle creating a more diffuse flow pattern. The vent pattern on the guard opens up the gaps in the flow intake, creating a gentler undertow which is less likely to pull animals onto the powerhead, and does this without affecting pump performance, power draw or noise level.

  • Wide, gentle flow
  • Increased safety
  • Installs in Seconds
  • Easy to Clean


Simply remove the stock pump cover and replace using the Neat Aquatics Upgrade Cover. The unique design encases the pump propeller inside a solid ring to help protect your tank inhabitants from getting hurt by the pump. It is made of 100% reef safe, non-toxic plastic material that will not leach inside your aquarium. It will not corrode even after extended use inside harsh saltwater environments.



Diameter: 4.3"

Height (from tank wall): 2.6" 


What's Included?

1x MP40 Limpet Wide Flow Pump Guard


Note: Ecotech MP40 Pump Not Included