Harptail Blenny "Meiacanthus mossambicus:

Harptail Blenny "Meiacanthus mossambicus:

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Sometimes called the Mozambique fangblenny.

The Harptail Blenny is a species ranging from the Western Indian Ocean to Africa. The Harptail Blenny has a golden-green body, and shows green above the eye. The yellow caudal fin has two long streamers in the classic fork tail shape. Harptail Fang Blennies exhibit interesting mating behavior. Males will flash color when attracting females. Meiacanthids will typically do better as a group, either as a trio or a male with a harem of females. This unique family of free-swimming blennies is ideal for reef tanks and will delight those who wish to observe courtship on the reef.

The Harptail Blenny is an excellent candidate for a reef tank. It is a beautiful, deep golden-yellow with a shadow of green above the eye running under a jet-black dorsal fin.

While subtler in color than the closely related canary blenny, the harptail blenny is considered one of the more beautiful blennies, growing to no more than 3.9 in/10 cm. The Harptail Blenny will do well in many reef or fish-only systems. Like most fang blennies, it will benefit from plenty of live rock around which it can hunt and in which it can hide. While it is considered one of the most peaceful species in the genus, the harptail blenny does possess both fangs and venom, but it generally only uses them in self-defense against larger predators.