Python Island Cichlid "Haplochromis nyererei"

Python Island Cichlid "Haplochromis nyererei"

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Common name: Python Island

The Haplochromis (Pundamilia) nyererei Witte-Maas & Witte, 1985,, Cichlid is probably the most colorful of all the Victorian cichlids available in the hobby. They are native to the shallow, rocky waters of Lake Victoria in Africa.

The most popular species of Pundamilia nyererei are the "Super Red" found around Makobe Island and the Nyererie "Red" found around Ruti Island.

 Males are definitely more colorful and almost always larger than females, but sub-dominant juvenile males can be confused with females. Males will have the brilliant reds, yellows, and sometimes blues with black barring from head to tail. Females are much less attractive as they have very little color in their bodies. Females remain a dull grey or brown color.