Green Lizard Loach

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Homalopteroides tweediei Scientific name: Homalopteroides tweediei (Herre, 1940) Common name: Lizard fish, Lizard catfish, Gecko fish Synonyms: Homaloptera tweediei Distribution: Mekong basin, Malay Peninsula and Indonesia, Borneo, Cambodia, Loas and Thailand Sexual Dimorphism: Unknown, Females are probably more plump with a broader body like the very similar Homaloptera smithi. Maximum size: 2 inches (4cm) Similar to: Homaloptera johorensis, Homalopteroides smithi Care: Typical Hillstream conditions. This species needs clean, well oxygenated water with a strong flow. There should be plenty of flat stones on which the fish can rest and plenty of hiding places. See: Hillstream Loaches - The Specialists at Life In The Fast Lane for detailed information. Driftwood, caves, broad leaved plants, and pieces of slate leaned against the tank glass provide refuge for this somewhat shy species. Feeding: Bloodworms and brine shrimp are the preferred food of this species. Most processed fish foods are ignored.