Balloon Gold Ram "Microgeophagus Ramirezi"

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Originally from South America, the German Gold Ram is a stunning dwarf cichlid. Its body is mainly a bright yellow with sheens of orange, pink, and red showing throughout. The male will usually have more color and the second ray of the dorsal fin is extended. Females will develop a more intense red coloration when preparing to spawn. This fish prefers some open areas with cover along the perimeter safe with most other small to medium Community fish, the Gold Ram can make an exciting addition to the aquarium. Their diet should include meaty foods and some vegetable products.

The Ram Cichlid is a very peaceful fish and is one of a select few cichlids that can be kept in a true community tank, including a tank with non-cichlids. This fish is 'more bark than bite' and will not do well in an aggressive tank. They make a good inhabitant for a community tank with fish of a similar temperament. They are personable with their owner too, and will quickly associate them with food, happily begging for more whenever you approach the tank.