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Fowler's Tang "Acanthurus fowleri"

Fowler's Tang "Acanthurus fowleri"


The Fowler"s Tang commonly referred to as the Fowleri Tang or Blackspine Surgeonfish. The Blackspine Surgeonfish (Acanthurus fowleri) is a tropical surgeonfish species (Acanthuridae family) and is known to occur in the waters of Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and the Philiippines. This species can be found on coral reefs and may be found in pairs but is generally seen to be solitary. It can be seen on coral reefs grazing on algae on sponges and is generally seen from depths of 10-45 metres. The body is brown in colour and the head is blue and just behind the eye there is a blue arced shaped marking that is a key characteristic of this species. There is a large black mark at the base of the caudal peduncle and a white stripe running around the tail. The Blackspine Surgeonfish (Acanthurus fowleri) grows to a maximum length of approximately 45cm.

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