Flame Tetra - "Hyphessobrycon flammeus"

Flame Tetra - "Hyphessobrycon flammeus"

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The Flame Tetra Hyphessobrycon flammeus has a gorgeous, fiery coloring when it's comfortable and happy in its aquarium. This tetra is generally silver in the front but becomes a fiery red on the back. The red becomes especially vibrant at the base of its fins.

When this fish is exposed to a lot of disturbances, it becomes very timid and its coloring will pale. For this reason, the Flame Tetra does not always show well in pet store aquariums where it is exposed to a lot of activity. This tetra's otherwise vibrant coloring pales in that setting. In fact, it can even closely resemble the Black Tetra Gymnocorymbus ternetzi when viewed in a pet store. Consequently, the Flame Tetra is not one of the most sought-out tetras. Aquarists must know what they are looking for to experience this rewarding beauty. Some other common names for this little fish are Von Rio Tetra, Fire Tetra, Red Tetra, and a few variations of those.

Besides their coloring, the beauty of this little tetra is the ease of care. As one of the hardiest little fish, the Flame Tetra is a great choice for a new fish keeper. As an added benefit, it breeds easily when it's comfortable. This tetra is recommended for a beginning fish keeper who wishes to experience fish breeding.

In the home aquarium, be sure to provide this fish with a pleasant environment. It is happiest in a school of 6 or more and will also do best kept with other small fish in a peaceful environment. Once Flame Tetras are established in a calm aquarium, they become very active. When acclimated, they will no longer be timid, and the aquarist is rewarded with a very happy, pretty group of fish.