Columbian Redfin Tetra "Hyphessobrycon Columbianus"

Columbian Redfin Tetra "Hyphessobrycon Columbianus"

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Common Names : Red and Blue Colombian Tetra, Red Tail Mirror Blue Tetra

The Colombian Red Fin is a relative new fish to the hobby, having only been available in the last few years. Despite this, it is now a popular and readily available fish. As with many other similar large tetras, these are shoaling fish suited to a robust community. Softer water is preffered and the fish may not show full colour or health if kept in hard water conditions. Planted tanks or tanks with plenty of hiding spots are also preferred.Generally peaceful making it an ideal resident of the well-researched community aquarium.

Can be nippy with long finned species and are known to squabble amongst each other.

Additional Information: This species is also traded as ‘blue flame’,  ’blue-red’, and ‘Colombian red fin’ tetra, and was misidentified as H. ecuadorensis for several years prior to its description.