Amano Shrimp "Caridina multidentata" Yamato Shrimp

Amano Shrimp "Caridina multidentata" Yamato Shrimp

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Common Names:: Amano Shrimp, Algae-eating Shrimp, Yamato Shrimp, Japonica Shrimp, Algae Shrimp, Japanese Swamp Shrimp, Japanese Marsh Shrimp, Amamoto Shrimp, Yamato Numaebi

The Amano Shrimp is a very popular shrimp in the hobby. It is second in popularity to the Red Cherry Shrimp. 

 Caridina multidentata was previously known to aquarists as Caridina japonica but was renamed Caridina multidentata following a study in 2006.

 The name Amano Shrimp originates from the well known aquarist Takashi Amano who frequently uses the shrimp in his aquariums as algae eaters.  The notion that it is a superb algae eater also attracts aquarists who are into planted tanks.