1oz F-Aiptasia - Frank's Aquarium Products

1oz F-Aiptasia - Frank's Aquarium Products

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Just about anyone with a reef tank has battled the age-old foe Aipstasia, commonly known as Glass Anemones, and if you have you'll understand the reason for this product's name. They can sneak in on the tiniest piece of live rock or even hitchhike on a coral. Before you know it you've got a garden of anemones, but not the good kind. They sting your prized corals and sometimes even fish and smother rocks and filtration. Even if they don't outright kill corals, they cause constant irritation and cause corals to stay retracted, and can slowly kill them from ongoing stress. 


At last their is a reef safe, effective Aiptasia solution. Frank's F-Aiptasia is a proprietary formula with improvements over others on the market, making it more effective at sticking to aiptasia and killing them before they can spread throughout your tank. Other solutions can often cause the aiptasia to release their planula larvae which will then pop up as new anemones in other parts of the tank, and in the end your tank is in worse shape than before!



  • Reef Safe
  • No injection required
  • No need to siphon anemone out of tank after application
  • Lasting results
  • No effects on water chemistry
  • Coralline color for natural look