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Sicce Voyager Pumps

Sicce Voyager Pumps


Satisfy demanding high water flow requirements of large aquariums with ease. Sicce Voyager 10, 9, 8, 7, HP Stream Pumps provide a versatile and energy-efficient solution delivering high flow rates, greater range of motion AND adjustable flow patterns. High-performance Italian-made circulation pumps are great for marine, reef, freshwater, or any aquariums requiring powerful flow rates. 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Sicce Voyager HP Stream Pumps feature a distinct magnet mount system that allows enhanced placement possibilities as well as enhanced directional range. Dual pivot-point design allows 180-degree movement on the vertical axis and a full 360-degree circular motion at the base for endless orientation possibilities. You can even mount the unit on the rear glass pane and direct water flow across the length of the aquarium without sacrificing its directional range!

Sicce Voyager HP Stream Pumps features a removable faceplate that lets you manually select between a wide or narrow flow to faithfully recreate marine currents and satisfy the water movement needs of even the most demanding coral. Unique bidirectional rotor design ensures reliable, wear-resistant performance that starts in the correct direction preventing premature damage or annoying noises. Magnetic mount system suitable for aquarium glass up to 3/4" thick.

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