Coralife  LED Marine Kit - 29 gal

Coralife LED Marine Kit - 29 gal

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The Coralife LED Marine Kit helps you create a successful marine environment as easily as possible! Included in the kit is a 29 gal glass aquarium, with deluxe 30" LED full hood with one white and one blue LED lamp, serving as a perfect entry point into the marine fishkeeping hobby. This kit also contains the new and unique 30 gal Coralife Marine Filter, featuring a built-in protein skimmer, large carbon filter cartridge, and phosphate removing specialty filter pad. Packed in is a 100 W preset heater, water care marine starter kit, sampler of premium fish food, hydrometer, fish net, thermometer, and complete setup and care guide, giving you everything you need to start your new saltwater aquarium.