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Aquascape Rapid Clear Flocculant

Aquascape Rapid Clear Flocculant


Rapid Clear Flocculant

Aquascape Rapid Clear Flocculant is specially formulated to restore clarity to your breathtaking pond. This powerful treatment clears cloudy and discolored pond water by clumping suspended debris (a process known as flocculation). Once collected, these particulates are easily removed by your pond's filtration system.

Using Rapid Clear is an excellent way to boost the performance of your pond's mechanical filter. Its fast-acting formula produces visible results in 24 hours or less, and it is completely safe for use around fish, plants, and animals.

For quick, easy and accurate dosing, Aquascape Rapid Clear Flocculant comes in a convenient pump bottle. This 8.5 fl oz bottle treats up to 5,000 gallons of pond water (1 pump treats 100 gallons).

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