Aquarium Electronic Salinity Ph Monitor

Aquarium Electronic Salinity Ph Monitor

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2 in 1 Salinity & Ph Monitor for Aquarium
Accuary to monitor salinity
Blue LED Light on display~
All in one design, include PH Pen/Probe and Calibration


Range: PH 0.00 - 14.00PH

Salinit : 0.00 - 100.0ppt

Resolution: PH 0.01PH

Salinity 0.1ppt

Accuary PH+-0.1PH

Salinity +-2%F.S 
Calibration: 1 point

Power 220V to 240V DC5.6V .100mA 

Size : 88 x 55 x22mm

Opperating Conditions : 5- 60 Degree Humidity 95% maxium 
Power 24W 
Maxium Height 1.2m 
Size 12cm x 7.5cm x 8cm

PLEASE KEEP for the Ph Salinity Meter on the dry area to using. The Salinity Probe and PH probe is very sentive. It will damage the controller if you using in a sump based on too wet. Must keep the meter in dry area and avoid any Electronic item to affect the controller. Otherwise it will damage on the system for the salinity